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November 3, 2013 

Because the healthy me, loves G…G STUFF opens at Power Plant Mall
By: Ana Junio

Staunch environmentalist Gina Lopez recently launched her first ever store – G Stuff, in Rockwell, Power Plant Mall.

G Stuff is the product of Lopez’s concept of helping the communities while saving the environment and letting the people from the metropolis experience the beauty of using products from the fine ingredients of nature.

“This is such an amazingly beautiful country of 7,000 islands. But unfortunately, the people in most of our islands are poor. G Stuff is an effort to get these people out of poverty,” Lopez articulated.

G Stuff contains products with natural ingredients from identified ecotourism areas. Its name speaks for its advocacy as G stands for so many things: G is green because it’s good for the environment. G is good for the community – 100% of the profits will help sustain their livelihood. G means gift because there will be flavorful and exciting array of products.

There is a line of virgin coconut oil products from Brooke’s Point, Palawan – from skin care to room fragrances. There is also a premium VCO product with high content of ceramide that can remove wrinkles and can keep the skin young.

Pinoy boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is vital in the success of VCO business as he funded Php5 Million for the construction of manufacturing plant in Brooke’s Point to turn the abundant coconuts into refined VCO. The pili nuts and cacao come from communities in Sorsogon. The essential oils come from communities in Cagayan de Oro and Butuan. Dr. Rey Villoria’s healing crystals is also available. This salt works wonders because it addresses minor ailments.

Taken from the experience of Lopez – “I was supposed to have a root canal. I then found out that if I cut the nerve in my tooth, eventually the whole tooth will die and even the teeth around it. So I decided to try brushing my teeth with the healing crystals. Lo and behold - the pain disappeared.”

The healing crystals are being used in herbs and spices available in G Stuff store. Different kinds of pili recipes are also being offered.

Premium recipes by top chefs in the country are also being offered in the store. These are Chef Myrna Segismundo’s carabao cheese with pili nut and cherry tomato marmalade; Chef Gilbert Pangilinan’s red onion & Palawan and wafu dressings and; Chef Him Uy’s pili trail mix. There will be upcoming recipes from Sandy Daza, Glenda Barretto, Jessie Sincioco and Robby Goco.

All the recipes are guaranteed free of chemicals, preservatives, white sugar and white flour.

Gina Lopez invites everyone to visit G Stuff store located at 3rd floor of the Power Plant Mall. The chances of uplifting the lives of communities become more and more possible for every purchase.

“Every time you buy from G Stuff, you are integrating your energies with us, as we form this beautiful web of life, which will make this country a much better place to live in. So buy from G Stuff all the time. It’s good for you. It’s good for the country. It’s good for the community. It’s good for everything,” she enthused.

Like the Facebook page to know more about G Stuff.


July 03, 2013 

By: Gina Lopez

I like writing articles on health because it is such an important part of living. Top of the line this time is Bowen Therapy.

My son had been suffering from a dull persistent headache for three months. The timing of him having this just as he was about to start school was not good at all so frantically I went everywhere. I even went to a conventional doctor just to find out if maybe it was his sinuses. I even agreed to a drug test even though I was totally sure he was not taking any drugs.

Finally the therapy that made the difference was Bowen Therapy. This is a very non-invasive technique of touching key body parts in a certain way in the principle that given a little prodding the body can heal itself.

Whatever, if it works, it works. For my son Roberto, this treatment worked. The initial treatment was given by Rita Hart – a visiting expert from Australia. She comes once a year to give training. When she left Vita Clave, a Filipina who she has trained took over. She came for three Sundays and then said that he needs to rest for two to three weeks. Let the body heal. I am just relieved that his complaints have stopped and he is feeling SO much better. She charges Php1,500 a home visit but you need to give her money for transportation. Since she lives in Quezon City, what I do is have my car pick her up and bring her home. Vita has also done work with the children of Bantay Bata with visible success. For children with most severe cases of physical abuse, Bowen Therapy has helped relax muscles that have “frozen” from trauma, thus, the net effect is the children become more erect and more aligned.

Even my staff from Bantay Bata has tried Bowen. The first effect is it makes you sleepy. A painful lump was removed on the nape of Girlie Aragon, Deputy Director of Bantay Bata through this therapy. It had been bothering her for a long time and no massage had been able to address the discomfort.

You may call Vita through her number, 0919244880, if you are interested to try this therapy.

Health Principles I abide by:
1. I am really careful about what I put in my body. I am not going to live forever and I do not want to be sick by the time I go. I want to live a productive life even until D day. The body is a mechanism – it is key that we are discerning about what we put inside it. As a rule I keep away from white sugar (gives a "kick" then makes me sleepy), white flour (pasty consistency really bad for the digestive system), gluten (it gives me mucous). I make it a point to eat only organic or natural. The idea of putting pesticides and other chemicals inside of me doesn’t make sense. I take mostly fruits and vegetables – and even that - I make sure my cook has soaked in a solution to take out any chemicals, if there are. When I eat out with my kids the rules have to flex a little since I have no control over the kind of veggies a restaurant serves. Even the method of cooking is important to me. I do not like over cooked food. Lightly cooked is always better. Once my cook boiled the broccoli in water and she threw the water away! I told her, “Ming! Tinatapon mo lahat ng lakas – ang nutrients!” [You are throwing away all the nutrients!] I prefer grilled foods. In spite of all these "rules" I actually eat well. I like tasty foods. I also eat yoghurt twice daily for my calcium needs.

2. In terms of medication, I shy away from pharmaceuticals. I just recently had a procedure where the doctor insisted on antibiotics. I told him not to worry. I will take natural antibiotics. What I have been doing for over a decade is taking mega doses of Vitamin C (6,000 mg or more). One urinates it out anyway so it can never be harmful. I take garlinys – or fresh garlic will also do. I take echinacea and olive stone extract. Whatever is in the bottle (which is for maintenance) I double or triple it since it is for therapeutic purposes. If it works it works. In the past fifteen years, I can only remember getting a fever once, about 7 years ago, and it only lasted a day. It must be two decades now since any major illness which right now I can’t even remember. Mind you I go to estero regularly. I just don't get sick. I did the same regimen on my kids – and they don’t get sick like other kids do. So I know that I am doing the right thing.

3. I am currently doing hormonal treatment at Rapha Medical. It is plant-based which is why I agreed to the treatment. It’s normal that our hormones will get depleted with time, so why not reactivate the hormonal system with plant-based hormones? That makes sense to me. I also do regular chelation, which is a procedure of taking away the toxins from the system. It’s the toxins that age and causes disease. We live in a toxic environment so flushing out toxins from the system regularly makes a lot of sense.

4. In the line of detoxification I do a lemonade fast twice a year. This is a procedure of just taking lemon, organic Grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper ONLY. It’s 2 tbsp of maple syrup, 2 tbsp of maple syrup a dash of cayenne pepper in 8 oz of water. The prescription is ten days. It’s the best! Invariably I feel a lot of energy during the fast. It feels so good to be "clean"! I usually do this after the Christmas break (after heavy duty eating) and in the middle of the year.

5. Exercise. This should be a critical component of one's regular schedule. Otherwise the body gets lethargic - and slowly degenerates. Its’ also good for will power – and if it is done in nature so much better.

6. Excursions into nature is vital for health. Since I have a busy schedule what I have done is surrounded myself with as much nature as I can. I told my landscaper I want to live in a forest. So I have a garden on every floor. My bedroom is surrounded by plants. I have no walls. My meditation room is like I am in the middle of a forest. Even my boundary wall is a vertical garden. Greenery is so very healing. Plants exhale oxygen which is good for our health. It feels good.

7. Lastly and to me the most important is my meditation. I do NOT leave the house without starting the day right. The more access and communication we have with Divine Energies the better. What is also helping me now is that I have crystals everywhere in the house. It has created an energetic field I can rest on. Meditation is so important otherwise we get stuck in our mind. In fact more often than not, the onset of meditation is unwinding from thoughts that generally habituate the mind. Settling this and getting glimpses of what is beyond is very good exercise. Just like we exercise our physical bodies, this is exercise for our subtle bodies. The effort to go beyond - get infusions of light and love from above is my regular, non negotiable staple.

We have this life. And it isn't easy. In fact it can be complicated, especially if we are complicated. The challenge is to be able to navigate it – with your higher forces intact and winning major "battles" every step of the way. It can be done. We just need to have a game plan for life. A vision of where we want to go, who we want to be, and an indefatigable optimism that things will get better – even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes. It’s how we take life that determines our reality. So don’t beat yourself on the head. Everyone makes mistakes. We look ahead. We move forward. We learn – and learn – and learn every step of the way. Not just in our mind – but let our spirit learn how to move forward.

Remember this. You are SO not alone. There are higher forces guiding us EVERY step of the way. Like EVERY step of the way. If you are still – and then open your heart and soul during your silent moments ... just open up and in your vulnerability – RECEIVE – you might be pleasantly surprised at the healing and strengthening energy that comes in.

Life is good. We ride it. I can be reached at


Anti-Aging the Natural Way
By: Gina Lopez

A few months ago I put out an article on Florida. One of the people that enthusiastically emailed me was a doctor Cris Enriquez. He was elated because the picture I had put of Florida had a picture of a condominium in which he lived. He also said in his email that he had a clinic and was into natural based anti- aging.

Intrigued I called him up and ended up visiting his clinic on the 5th floor of Greenbelt 5. It's just beside this multi-awarded Eye Brow place - which my sister had been raving about. I ended up going to the eye brow place, and then found a really good salon (Studio Fix) nearby - owned by Ben Chan and managed by Alex Carbonnel. He does great hair dying. Interesting person. A philosophy major turned really good hair dresser....

Anyway back to health. At Rapha Medical Clinic I first did a series of tests. They have a machine called Ondomed that transmits electromagnetic frequencies and is able to assess on various levels the state of one's health. They took blood tests to assess my hormonal levels. I am turning senior this year so my hormonal levels were low, within range but low. He wanted to bring it up to youthful levels.

I decided to go for it: A two-month program wherein he assured me of vibrant health. What helped me make the decision was a call I made to Cory Quirino - who I had heard had done the program. Cory was a year ahead of me in high school. She has a radio program on DZMM. Our families were friends so I felt comfortable talking to her. She was effusive about the results. She said it addressed her mood swings and clarity of mind. She was effusive about his hormone replacement therapy. After making sure it was not animal hormones ( I don't like the idea of putting animal hormones in me), I went for it. Dr. Enriquez adds that his clinic is the only one using plant-based bio-identical hormones in the Philippines, which is effective with no known adverse or side effects.

Another factor in my decision was the doctor himself. When I asked him how old he was and he said over 70! - I was surprised! He didn't look it and more importantly he didn't FEEL it. I feel energy. The doctor felt totally healthy and upbeat. If you push for health procedures and you look sickly, it doesn't make for good marketing. Well this doctor makes for good marketing for whatever he is "pushing". In addition to that he has written several books and has won up to 7 awards from the American Medical Association!

Today is the finale of my two months coming here. It needed a real commitment to come here since I live and work in Quezon City, and Greenbelt seemed to me like the "other side of the world". The good news is that Dr. Enriquez will soon be setting up clinic in Quezon City as well - maybe somewhere in Banawe.

Two months. What has this been like? I go on this machine the Ondamed. I am quite healthy and full of energy - so the dramatic effects of machines are not easily felt on me because I am already well. However just before the beginning of the two month treatment, I had a bike accident and injured my right shoulder. I had to go to Florida for my son and the acupuncture at the hotel helped. However it still ached to the point of my not being able to sleep on my right side.

The Ondamed is amazing because now the pain is totally gone. I thought I would have to resign to this for the rest of my life. I am so pleased that I can function and sleep normally. The Ondamed has a slew of many other health benefits. It must work because to use it one has to reserve way ahead of time.

So I go on the Ondamed, and I also do Chelation. This is a process wherein through a drip all toxins are eradicated from the body. I have friends who do this regularly and they are strong in their support of the process. It was familiar terrain. What would happen is that I am so busy so the time in the clinic allowed me time to answer email, make my articles, plan, and even doze off which I probably needed. By the time the chelation was over I barely noticed it. The time just flies.

Dr. Enriquez also gave me testosterone and progesterone cream that had to be applied daily. I took cortisone pills and a capsule at night which led to very deep sleep.

I stuck to the regimen religiously. I figured if I am going to do something I might as well do it well.

I am pleased to let you know - that doing things well pays off. In the blood tests he showed me this afternoon, it seems like I am going to live 120 years! Meaning to say my hormonal levels are like that of a young person. Even more importantly I feel good. From a low of 60, my estradiol has zoomed to 298. My progesterone from 2 is now 25.10 (which is like that of a young person) and my testosterone is 1.4 - which is like a young person and I am way into post menopause. In other words, the regimen works!

I particularly like this doctor because of his bent on the natural processes. Instead of calcium he asked me to take yoghurt daily. I've added guyabano to my diet and I've found that together with yoghurt , it is very yummy!! He is also a strong advocate of celery, kamote and saba. For me taking things naturally makes lots of sense. Well if it works, it works... According to my blood tests, it works.

Me and Dr. Enriquez near the Ondamed in his clinic...

When I met him Dr. Enriquez gifted with me a book called Breakthrough by Suzanne Somers. It was on the New York Times Bestseller list. I resonate with the message of the book. In sum: The 8 steps to Wellness would probably sum up the health regimen bent of Rapha Medical Clinic.

1. Get Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
2. Avoid chemicals and detoxify your body
3. Take nutrition seriously
4. Create a healthy GI tract
5. Avoid pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary
6. Supplement your diet
7. Exercise regularly
8. Get proper sleep.

My only comment to the above would be to add the importance of one's inner life. My experience in my life is that spirituality (one's inner life) has great health implications and vice versa. When one is healthy there is a direct effect on one's spirituality.

So if you are interested in aging gracefully, go to Greenbelt 5. Go to Rapha, pass by the Brow House right beside and on your way to the escalator make an appointment with Alex Carbonel.

Here are the contact details of Rapha Health Center: 09158232756 / 7573335. You may also email Dr. Cris Enriquez at

We have this life, lets live it well...

P.S. A fresh batch of green coconut vco has arrived in the office. This has been superb for my health. If you want some call Lea 09173162708 or email her at This is sososo good for health!! And the profit goes to the indigenous people of Palawan.

For more information email me at


It’s been over a decade since Joseph Ang, Founder and Chairman of Worldbex Services International first had the ABS-CBN Foundation as the sole beneficiary of the 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition – WORLDBEX 2013. It was a partnership that blossomed through the years. I’m excited for this year’s trade show, WORLDBEX has always been active in promoting sustainable construction efforts for the environment while putting on show the latest streak of eco friendly construction products that is highly certified to be green. There are so many activities lined up that even those who are not working in the building and construction industry could benefit on.

So, better get those minds ready for a well rounded and a multifaceted learning experience waiting for you this March 13-17 at the World Trade Center Manila and Philippine Trade Training Center.

Below is an excerpt from their press release:

Consistently loaded to the tip with inimitable highlights such as series of industry seminars, diverse galleries and pavilions, an all embracing product and technology display plus an interschool interior design competition, this year, Worldbex sets to give more as the expo takes another leap on its continuous pursuit of giving information through on the house interactive and simultaneous workshops and activities to be facilitated by design industry pros arranged in cooperation with the prestigious SoFA Design Institute and Wilcon Depot at the Philippine Trade Training Center.

Informative talks and symposiums about the current status and the latest issues of the Philippine Design Education and more will be arranged by the School of Fashion and the Arts or the SoFA Design Institute, as other exciting activities like safety proofing different home areas, basic tile cutting and flower arrangement techniques is set to be facilitated by Wilcon Depot. Other recognized industry personalities are also set to drop by and share their own slice of design expertise.

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